BUGALUGS Dog Paw Cleaner Paw Washers For Dogs. A Portable Dog Shower Paw Cleaner For Dogs & Cats. Dog Foot Washer is an Essential Dog Paw Washer Dog Walking Accessories (Large)



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Keep dirty paws in the doghouse! Our soft gentle silicone bristles provide a 360-degree rotary clean to quickly defeat muddy paws in a few speedy steps, making it ideal for washing your pet’s paws on the go. Quickly defeat muddy paws in seconds with our dog paw cleaner! For muddy paws and dirty claws, the Bugalugs Paw Cleaner provides swift, efficient, and yet gentle cleaning of your pet’s dirty paws before they track dirt and mud all over your house and car. Made with a PP cup body with grip ridges and a TPR soft silicone head that can easily be removed for added grooming benefits. The round-headed brush is highly durable with flexible, silicone bristles that are soft yet functional at removing dirt quickly and effectively. Bugalugs Paw Cleaner for Dogs is also BPA free and suitable for both cats and dogs. Travel friendly for ease of use on the go and at home, Bugalugs Paw Cleaner is a portable dog washer that’s great at removing mud and dirt, but also in helping to remove irritants and allergens from your pet’s paws. With a 2 in 1 paw cleaner and grooming brush head, this must-have multipurpose device removes dirt and grime from pet’s paws quickly and effectively while promoting paw health – perfect dog walking accessories! The Bugalugs Paw Cleaner is simple and easy to use. Add some water to the paw cleaner (you can add a drop of Bugalugs shampoo too), guide your dog’s muddy paw into the soft, gentle silicone bristles and twist the cup back and forth as many times as needed to, so that the silicone bristles can loosen dirt and mud and thoroughly clean the paw. Remove your dog’s paw from cup, dab dry with a towel and repeat on all paws. After use, simply discard the water and rinse clean. For a deeper clean, place the Bugalugs Paw Cleaner in the dishwasher. Follow up with Bugalugs Paw Balm if necessary. Available in 2 sizes so you can choose the one that’s perfect for you:Size Large – suitable for Bulldog, Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd etc. Size Medium – suitable for Beagle, Border Collie, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, French Bulldog, Pug etc.
No more muddy paws! – Say goodbye to mucky paws with our pet paw cleaner and portable paw dog washer – dirty paws go in and clean paws come out!
360 degree rotary clean – effective paw washer. Soft and gentle 2 in 1 silicone head is easily removed for added dog grooming benefits as a dog washing brush, dog scrubber for bath and as dog washing gloves for dog bath and dog shower time
Pawfect for on the go! – Whether as dog camping accessories or using the additional loop to hang it or attach to your dog’s harness or lead, our dog portable paw washer makes it extremely travel friendly for ease of use on the go and at home as a dog washer and portable dog washer
Paws go in, clean paws come out! – Promotes paw health by removing dirt and nasties from your pet’s paws, including allergens and outside germs. Very extra nourishment after washing, following up with our Bugalugs Paw Balm for dogs
Use alongside our best-selling range of dog accessories and grooming products for dogs and cats – Bugalugs Paw Cleaner is best used with our Bugalugs dog shampoo and cat shampoo and use alongside of dog paw balm

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